8 July 2021 - Webinar

Business 101: Scaling a tech start-up

We recently announced that Principle Networks achieved triple digit growth for the third year in a row. Despite a challenging and unprecedented year for businesses across the globe, we were lucky to be able to continue working and achieve 164% year-on-year growth. Running a tech start-up is a huge learning experience, with opportunities and challenges at every turn. Want to discover the principles behind our success? Or curious as to what Principle Networks actually do?


8 July 2021

09:30 - 10:30


Join Russell Crowley, to find out how he and co-founder Alex Steer scaled Principle Networks from start-up to thriving business in just three years.

Reaching £2.35million turnover in just three years is an achievement we’re hugely proud of.

Since inception in 2018, we’ve worked hard to provide innovative network and support solutions to a wide range of businesses. We’ve been privileged to work with some amazing organisations, implementing solutions to help and support their digital transformation programmes.

Over the past eighteen months, ten new employees have joined our growing team. We’ve cherry-picked the best of the best, focusing on hiring specialists in the networking field to boost knowledge, customer experience and growth opportunities.

Our co-founders are seasoned experts in the network solutions market. From conception to execution, they’ve developed a game-changing idea into a fully-fledged business model.

Whether you’re just starting out as a business owner, or want to discover if our service is right for you, sign up below. Join us to understand how we achieved our growth, and the challenges we faced along the way.







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