5 August 2021 - Webinar

Enabling digital transformation in manufacturing

The ever-evolving manufacturing technology landscape aims at enabling digital transformation in manufacturing through the utilisation of Big Data, AI, Cloud technologies and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).
However, the ‘decentralisation’ of services and an increasingly demanding and complex array of connected technologies, devices and users is threatening to undermine progress.

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Charles Lenton

Business Development Director


5 August 2021

09:30 - 10:30


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Explore how your business can ensure that you have the right foundations in-place to provide secure, high-performance connectivity to any device, in any location, from any platform.

Manufacturers are keen to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency by enabling digital transformation through the utilisation of Big Data, AI, Cloud technologies and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

In addition, this is driving the increasing convergence of ‘IT’ (Information Technology) and ‘OT’ (Operational Technology), through the deployment of ‘Smart Factory’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ technologies such as network-connected sensors, autonomous guided vehicles, automated robots, cyber-physical streams and VR/MR.

As a result, compute and network services are increasingly delivered ‘at the edge’ to meet the ever-increasing demand from a diverse portfolio of users and connected devices.

However, this presents challenges, both in-relation to network performance and network security. Make UK report that 50% of ALL manufacturers reported a security breach in 2020, as businesses struggle to maintain control and visibility over increasingly decentralised, borderless technology services.

Join the Principle Networks team as we discuss:

  • How can manufacturers ensure they have the correct platforms in-place to support the high-performance, low-latency and technically diverse environments demanded by the ‘Smart Factory’?
  • How can organisations ensure secure, performant and seamless connectivity for increasingly demanding and disparate users and connected devices, without increasing management overheads or interrupting operations?
  • How can organisations ensure that cyber security policies are implemented both inside and outside of the corporate network, and in doing so remove the security ‘blind-spot’ between the ‘private, centralised’ and the ‘public, decentralised’ technologies utilised by modern businesses?


09:30 / 15 April 2022


A short introduction and welcome from the Principle Networks team.

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Manufacturing technology landscape

An overview of the manufacturing technology landscape and an insight into the challenges and opportunities new technology presents for manufacturers.

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Connecting Smart Factories

Manufacturers are increasingly looking to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency through the integration of ‘Smart Factory’ technologies. In addition, the desire to utilise AR/VR, AGVs/ARs and cyber-physical streams means that the number of connected devices is increasing exponentially.

Faced with an increasingly complex and diverse infrastructure, how does the modern business connect their Smart Factory and deliver high-performance, low-latency networks in traditionally difficult industrialised environments?

10:05 /

Delivering and securing services at ‘the edge’

Modern manufacturing organisations are increasingly seeing a ‘decentralisation’ of services, driven by Cloud-based applications, the growing number of network-connected devices and the trend towards remote working.

This ‘shift to the edge’ presents challenges for legacy MPLS-based networks, which simply lack the flexibility and agility to deliver optimal performance and network security to a disparate workforce.

Find out why businesses are turning to SD-WAN to deliver the agile, high-performance and cost-effective network solutions they crave.

In addition, learn how to avoid cyber-security vulnerabilities by incorporating a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework to guarantee secure, performant and homogenous access to any application, from any location, to any device.

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