25 November 2021 - Webinar

Modern network solutions for law firms: Lessons learned and practical advice

Our customers know what their challenges are, they don’t need us to tell them. Neither are they short of strategic advice from leading technology advisory firms. They have mailboxes full of invites to roundtables, exhibitions and strategy workshops from vendors and service providers. They have almost limitless access to blogs, whitepapers, forums and video content providing an insight into all manner of technology solutions.

Mark Booth

Business Development Director


25 November 2021

08:30 - 09:00



Join our 30-minute webinar to find out how network consultancy services help legal firms navigate safely from legacy network infrastructure to modern, flexible and secure network solutions.

Why do leading UK law firms utilise network consultancy services from Principle Networks?

In short, our customers understand the types of solution, products and services which best meet their firms’ needs – however, how many of our customers…

  • Have the luxury of working with ‘Greenfield’ sites?
  • Can ask their businesses to press the pause button, whilst they unpick existing legacy technologies and migrate to more modern and desirable solutions?
  • Trust vendors and service providers to offer truly ‘warts and all’ assessments of their own products, services and solutions?
  • Can simply tear up existing contracts with service providers and write-off investments in hardware, software and other existing solutions?
  • Have unlimited technology budgets?
  • Have the luxury of being able to just ‘make a start’, make mistakes and learn on the job?


Of course, that firm does not exist, and the reality is that knowing the direction you want to go is not quite the same as understanding the journey.


08:30 /


Meet Ian and Mark, our resident technical and industry experts.

08:35 /

Square peg, round hole

Learn how your digital change programme, adoption of cloud services and hybrid working environment is creating demand for wholesale network and security transformation.

08:40 /

Knowledge share & lessons learned

Benefit from our experience as we share valuable insights, tips and things to look out for as you migrate away from your legacy network and adopt modern network and security services.

08:45 /

Considerations for your network transformation journey

We’ll explore our number one consideration for any transformation of this kind and discuss the high-level process of getting from A to B.

08:55 /


Your chance to ask our experts your questions and receive personalised advice.

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