9 September 2021 - Webinar

What is SASE? Real-world use cases explored

‘What is SASE?’ has been the question at the forefront of the network industry over the past few years. Gone are the days when a single security framework could be applied to an entire network. The rise in SD-WAN adoption has increased the need for effective SASE architecture. In our next webinar, our Technical Architect, Ian Wharton, will be discussing how Principle Networks deploy SASE successfully for both our business and customers.

Alex Hartley

Business Development Director


9 September 2021

09:00 - 09:30


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If you’re clued up on the basics of SASE, but want to discover some real-world applications, join our next webinar.

Remote working has accelerated over the past eighteen months, in order for businesses to remain operational. This has increased the need for a flexible and fast security framework, to ensure a consistent data environment.

A network security solution, that encompasses all users and devices from a single location, is no longer suitable.

While various components were in use prior to 2020, the full SASE architecture was named by Gartner once the shift to remote working was in place. Adopting a SASE framework is the best way to ensure your business stays secure across multiple sites whilst incorporating remote workers.

While there’s lots of information published on what SASE is and it’s benefits, understanding how it can be applied to specific business functions can be more difficult to understand.

Join our experts as we host a live SASE discussion, showing you how we, as a remote business, use SASE architecture to secure devices across our SD-WAN environment.


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Meet Ian and Alex, our resident technical and industry experts

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What is SASE and why do we need it?

What is SASE security? The question that has dominated coverage in network news over the past two years. As a new way to ensure your network’s security, it’s important to understand exactly what’s involved, and why you need to implement it.

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SASE architecture & uses

Rather than tell you about how we deploy a SASE framework, we’re going to show you. Our SASE architecture is used to improve the resiliency and security of our own network, and the solutions we deploy for our customers.

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Benefits of our SASE framework

As a remote business, with all of our employees collaborating from locations across the country, a static security solution would be difficult to implement and maintain. Our custom-built SASE framework allows us ensure consistent security and visibility, no matter where our team choose to work from.

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