SD-WAN combined with ZTNA, enabling secure work from anywhere

about Principle Networks

"It's important that we live, breath and truly understand the technologies that we're supporting for our customers." Alex Steer, Technical Director

Principle Networks is one of the country's leading innovators in the IT Networking Industry. With decades of combined experience and expertise, they integrate industry leading technologies from the worlds leading vendors to create holistic and bespoke solutions for many of the UK's leading mid-enterprise businesses.

The Challenge

To ensure that the remote office connectivity for key workers could be guaranteed, and application responsiveness could be enhanced, while a consistent security policy across all corporate resources could be provided and maintained simply and effectively. Principle Networks has recognised the converging requirements of integrated connectivity and security in remote workers and wants to ensure it deploys a solution which supports these aspects flexibly and scalably.

Driven by solutions.

  • Secure the remote user and protect their business data/communications.
  • Enhance quality of experience and deliver cost effective 'always-on' connectivity to the remote user.
  • Optimise and secure cloud connectivity for O365 and other SaaS / Could business applications.
  • Implement cloud based Remote Browser Isolation for enhanced threat protection.
  • Implement cloud based Firewall for non-browser applications, Cloud Access Security Broker for SaaS applications and Zero Trust Network access for identification and authorisation.

Guided by process.

Key results.


Principle Networks key workers home offices are protected by resilient 4G backup.


SaaS applications in particular Office 365 are optimised and secured across all users.


Remote workers’ connectivity to key applications is secured with firewall and IPS rules in a secure tunnel.


Web security is enhanced while being consistent across all users and locations irrespective of whether that be home office or mobile.

It's crucial that we practice what we preach by ensuring our workforce is secured, our business is protected and that we enhance network resilience and performance for our distributed workforce. It's also important that live, breath and truly understand the technologies that we're supporting for our customers. Having the ability to work with and demonstrate a live environment puts us in a strong place technically.

Alex Steer, Technical Director