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about Parseq

"A frictionless case for investment leading to a strong implementation."

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading and most innovative multi-channel service providers, Parseq help enterprises achieve compliance, cost savings, and customer satisfaction through digitally advanced and reliable automation of their communications and payments.

Some of the UK’s largest banks, utilities companies and government agencies utilise Parseq’s services to help them acquire new customers, retain their market share and improve their operational efficiency.

Their customers include British Gas, Barclays and Bank of America, and on average they digitise over 25 million documents and process more than £15 billion electronic payments each year.

The Challenge

Parseq’s customers rely on them to hold, secure and provide instant, reliable access to a central repository of customer application documents.

This service, which at times can have over 10,000 concurrent connections, provides users with secure access to their data and the functionality to easily search, view, annotate, distribute and report on. It is therefore critical that the service is consistently available and secured to the highest standards.

In a bid to gain more control over their solution and improve operational efficiencies, Parseq embarked on a project to bring the platform in-house and migrate the service into their own, highly resilient data centre in Sheffield.

They engaged with Principle Networks to design and implement a new high-performance network fabric, with a multi-layered defence and server security solution to ensure a consistent and resilient infrastructure.

Driven by solutions.

  • Meet contractual obligations and exceed customer expectations
  • Bring platform inhouse to improve control, enhance resilience and drive efficiencies
  • Strengthen server security with multiple layers of Next Generation Firewalling (NGFW’s)

Guided by process.

Key results.


Improved resiliency of hosted web services has improved customer service with fewer performance issues to resolve


Parseq’s customers experience fewer performance issues when using the online document repository


The new solution resulted in an internal reduction of costs through minimising outsourced services


Due to the double-layered firewall approach, Parseq and their users are reassured by improved server security


Ability to exceed compliance with industry-set security standards

Working in true partnership, the level of clarity on the solution and the rationale behind the recommendation, including the comparison to the alternate options, gave immediate confidence forming the basis for a frictionless case for investment leading to a strong implementation.

James Grindle, IT Director