Flexible Connectivity Options

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Need public and private network connectivity to compliment the flexibility of a modern SD-WAN solution? Principle Networks has it nailed. We're your central point of expertise for sourcing and managing network connectivity. Not just any, but from a list of tier 1 and tier 2 carrier service providers.

We provide you with the connectivity that's most appropriate for each location and requirement - not simply what's easiest for us. No hassle of managing multiple suppliers. No limitations of a single carrier. It's a no-brainer.

The tech that connects your enterprise

Principle Networks matches you to the best carrier and service provider to deliver the most suitable connectivity. So, you get the most flexible, cost-effective and resilient solution. These are the public and private access technologies that complement the flexibility of modern, SD-WANs.

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UK-wide Fibre Ethernet services with uncontended, symmetrical speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb plus the ability to select the most appropriate carrier in any given area.
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Delivered over bonded copper pairs to provide a quick and simple alternative to Fibre for uncontended, symmetrical speeds up to 30Mb.
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Provisioned over a single copper pair over short distances to your local green cabinet, enabling uncontended, symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mb.
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Download speeds of up to 330Mb and uploads of up to 50Mb, offering a business grade service for small branch offices, home users or as a backup to primary connectivity services.
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Wireless Leased Line

10Mb to 2Gb, uncontended bandwidth with rapid deployment and flexibility to relocate easily, an ideal option for wired/wireless resilience.
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4G | 5G

Rapid site deployment to anywhere in the UK or a backup option for small satellite offices.

Reasons to connect with us

  1. 1

    Our services use technology to deliver unparalleled speed and efficiency through a combination of AI Ops, EMS and process automation systems. As a result, what might normally take a person minutes or hours, we can do in seconds.
  2. 2

    We're experts in carrier management and save you time by driving installs, ensuring bills are accurate and simple to reconcile, ensuring problems are raised and resolved quickly and efficiently, whilst all the while maintaining regular, concise communication with you.
  3. 3

    We have decades of experience designing, implementing and managing enterprise solutions. service provider experience - we know how to design for optimum levels of local and ISP core network resilience ISP resilience, local resilience, DDoS mitigation, Content Delivery, Cloud Connectivity
  4. 4

    We provide global reach, extensive choice and the flexibility to utilise best suited ISPs for any given location, along with a multitude of access methods determined by local availability.
  5. 5

    Understanding that your enterprise can change, we promote commercial flexibility with no penalties on short term contracts and we give you the ability to alter services mid-term.
  6. 6

    Service management - capacity, uptime, performance, problem management,

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