Architecting a Secure Edge-to-cloud Networking Infrastructure

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The move to SaaS and Cloud services, combined with the demand to work from anywhere, is causing enterprises to rethink the way they connect and secure their operations. While conventional practices involved users connecting to corporate data centre’s for accessing business applications, the current trend favours accessing these applications directly in the cloud.

The solution lies in Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), which streamlines the WAN infrastructure, reduces costs, enhances bandwidth efficiency, and seamlessly connects users to cloud-based applications. This approach significantly improves application performance, especially for critical applications, without compromising security and data privacy.

Not all SD-WANs are created equal.

SD-WANs are a combination of technologies: underlay (the forwarding plane) and overlay (the control plane). However, both the underlay and the overlay can vary greatly in their capabilities and features. The art of designing a comprehensive SD-WAN service is in the understanding and translation of business needs into a working technology solution. Accompanied by the knowledge and experience of knowing which vendors and carriers are best suited to the challenge.

How can SD-WAN help you?

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Enhanced performance

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Increased flexibility

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Optimised cost

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More control

Our solutions come with

  • Vendor choice

    Best choice SD-WAN vendor for cloud management and security.
  • ISP flexibility

    A choice of ISPs and access methods for complete flexibility, performance and resilience.
  • Connected cloud

    Choice of private or public Cloud OnRamp for optimised access to your chosen Cloud Services
  • Integrated security

    Ecosystem of leading Cloud integrations for Zero Trust, Access Management and Web Control.
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Lets talk SD-WAN

21 August 2023 - Neil Camden, Solutions Architect at Principle Networks

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