Securely Connect Any User, Anywhere with Zero Trust Network Access

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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a set of technologies and functionalities that enable secure access to applications for remote users, providing consistent and comprehensive security controls independent to the location that users are working.

ZTNA greatly improves flexibility, agility and scalability of the hybrid workforce by providing seamless access to multicloud services anywhere, anytime.

A modern alternative to client VPNs

A client VPN is a legacy method of connecting a mobile worker to an application. The clue is in the name, Virtual Private Network, as it tries to simulate a connection to a single private network over the public Internet. However connecting to a network, where other resources may be available, implies a degree of trust and exposes a level of risk.

Accelerate your way to Zero Trust

Our experts will help you define your needs and translate your objectives into tailored ZTNA solution which is suited to your organisation.

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Discovery & Navigation

We assess your current state, understand your vision and help you define your objectives and translate them into a realistic, leading-edge ZTNA solution and migration strategy
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Visualation & Validation

We demonstrate the solution in action verify its capabilities and assist you in validating the solution with guided support from our one of network and security experts.
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Setup & Fine Tuning

We help you setup, configure and migrate to your new ZTNA solution and ensure the service is tuned to your specific requirements and objectives.

Zero Trust Principles

  • Verify explicitly

    Always authenticate and authorise based on all available data points, including user identity, location, device health, service or workload, data classification, and anomalies.
  • Use least privileged access

    Limit user access with just-in-time and just-enough-access (JIT/JEA), risk-based adaptive policies.
  • Assume breach

    Minimise blast radius and segment access. Verify end-to-end encryption and use analytics to get visibility, drive threat detection, and improve defences.

Lets talk ZTNA

21 August 2023 - Neil Camden, Solutions Architect at Principle Networks

Beyond the Buzzword: What is Zero Trust?

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